In an era where digital advertising is omnipresent, Twitch users often seek ways to enhance their streaming experience by minimizing interruptions caused by ads. This guide will delve into effective strategies to block or reduce ads on Twitch, ensuring a smoother viewing experience.

Understand the Twitch Ad Landscape

Before diving into the solutions, it’s important to understand how ads are served on Twitch. Ads on Twitch can appear in pre-roll (before streams), mid-roll (during streams), or as display ads on the site. Twitch uses these ads as a significant revenue stream, which supports both the platform and its content creators.

Twitch Turbo: Ad-Free Subscription

Twitch Turbo is a premium subscription offered by Twitch that completely removes ads from the platform. This service not only eliminates interruptions but also offers additional benefits such as:

  • Ad-free viewing across all channels
  • Custom chat username colors
  • Extended broadcast storage

This option is perfect for viewers who frequent multiple channels and desire an uninterrupted experience. The cost of Twitch Turbo is $8.99/month, which could be a worthwhile investment for heavy users of the platform.

Using Ad Blockers: A Popular Choice

Ad blockers are software tools that can prevent ads from loading on your browser. Here are some popular ad blockers:

  • Adblock Plus
  • uBlock Origin
  • AdGuard

While ad blockers can effectively reduce the number of ads, Twitch has implemented technologies to detect and counter some ad blockers. Consequently, users might encounter messages asking them to disable ad blockers. Here’s a brief look at the pros and cons of using ad blockers on Twitch:

Ad BlockerProsCons
Adblock PlusUser-friendly; customizableMight not block all Twitch ads
uBlock OriginHighly effective; open sourceOccasionally detected by Twitch
AdGuardComprehensive featuresRequires more configuration; not free

Channel Subscriptions: Support and Enjoy

Subscribing to individual channels is another way to reduce ads. Many Twitch streamers offer ad-free streams as a perk for subscribers. This not only removes ads but also supports the streamers financially. Subscription fees vary but generally start at $4.99/month.

Alternative Viewing Apps: Proceed with Caution

Some third-party apps and modified Twitch clients claim to offer an ad-free viewing experience. However, using such apps can risk violating Twitch’s terms of service, which might lead to account penalties or bans. It’s crucial to weigh the risks before opting for this solution.

Twitch Prime and Ad Reduction

Previously, Twitch Prime provided an ad-free experience, but this benefit has been modified. Now, Prime members receive one free channel subscription each month, which they can use to subscribe to a channel and enjoy ad-free viewing on that specific channel.


Choosing the best method to block Twitch ads depends on your viewing habits and ethical considerations regarding supporting content creators. Whether it’s subscribing to Twitch Turbo for an all-encompassing solution or supporting individual streamers through subscriptions, viewers have multiple options to enhance their Twitch experience.

Remember, using services like a free VPN might help with privacy but not necessarily with ad blocking. Always consider the impact of ad-blocking on the creators who rely on ad revenue for their livelihood. Choose wisely and enjoy your ad-free viewing!

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