Why do you need a VPN?

Accessing Blocked Content

Accessing Blocked Content

Bypass online restrictions
and access any website.

Protection From Hackers

Protection From Hackers

Security of your connection
even in open Wi-Fi networks.

Full Anonymity

Full Anonymity

100% encryption of your Internet traffic
for total anonymity.

Absolutely Free VPN!

Why is your VPN free?

Our VPN is completely free, with no speed or traffic limits. We are not like 99% of other free VPN services, because they limit the traffic amount or the bandwidth.

We are a non-profit organization that created a VPN service by our own efforts in the very beginning. Now, the service depends on donations of our grateful clients.

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How does our VPN service differ from others?


We do not have our own software or application. That's a plus, not a minus, from our point of view. Many VPN services, including paid services, embed backdoors/trojans/crypto miners into applications. With our VPN you can use any Open source solution that is tested and/or even using standard settings of the operating system itself.

20 Countries

VPN Servers in 20 Countries

With servers in 20 countries you have a lot to choose from.

High speed VPN

High speed VPN

Some VPN services can significantly slow down your Internet connection. Our VPN will keep your speed high.

Different Types of VPN

Different Types of VPN

We support different types of VPNs: OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, Softether VPN.

Various Platforms

Various Platforms

You can use our VPN on various platforms: Mac, Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Linux, Android, iOS.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Technical support is available at any time 24/7.

Free VPN

It's Free!

Absolutely free VPN...

How can you use a VPN?

Our VPN service allows you to use the Internet as a private network. What does this give you? High level of anonymity, IP hiding and access to websites that for some reason have restricted access from any country, such as Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram.

You can bypass restrictions even if your system administrator at work has restricted your access to sites or services, for example, gaming sites (WoT, Dota, WoW), dating sites (Tinder), entertainment resources and others.

Our VPN has excellent throughput: all servers are connected to ports from 100MB/s to 10GB/s. Large selection of countries and 100% traffic encryption.

How Does VPN Work?

1Get ready!

Our VPN encrypts your data to ensure complete anonymity. We have a program for OS Windows that will help you install your VPN in a few clicks

2Set location

Looking for blocked sites from other countries? Choose your virtual citizenship with our VPN. Want to bypass blocked sites by admin? We are glad to help you.

3Let's go!

...and use the Internet as usual!

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About two years ago, based on the reviews I found a VPN, which was terribly slow, and it was possible to watch movies only at night, during the day everything was terribly slow. Then I switched to your VPN, and it became much more comfortable. The difference is huge, whichever one you choose!


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So far the VPN is working great! The connection speed is good and reliable! As far as I can tell, all my online activities are secure/encrypted.


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Safeguard Your Online Privacy: How VPN Shields You from Advertisers

In the digital age, protecting personal data has become a paramount concern for internet users worldwide. Advertisers constantly seek access to your online activities, preferences, and personal information to tailor their marketing strategies. This invasive practice not only breaches privacy but also leads to unwanted targeted advertisements. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) emerges as a crucial tool in defending your digital footprint against such intrusions. But why exactly do you need a VPN for this purpose?

Understanding the Battle for Personal Data

The internet is a battleground where advertisers deploy sophisticated tracking technologies to monitor your online behavior. Cookies, pixel tags, and fingerprinting are just the tip of the iceberg. These methods allow advertisers to create detailed profiles of users, leading to targeted ads that follow you across the web. This relentless pursuit of your personal data not only feels invasive but can also pose significant privacy risks.

The Shielding Power of VPN

A VPN acts as a protective barrier between you and the prying eyes of advertisers. By encrypting your internet connection and masking your IP address, a VPN ensures your online activities remain anonymous and untraceable. This anonymity disrupts the ability of advertisers to collect your data, thereby shielding your personal information from targeted advertising campaigns.

How Does VPN Achieve This?

  • IP Address Masking: VPN hides your real IP address, making it difficult for advertisers to track your online movements.
  • Data Encryption: Encrypts your internet traffic, preventing third parties from intercepting and deciphering your personal information.
  • Blocking Trackers: Some VPN services offer integrated features to block tracking cookies and ads, further enhancing your privacy.

Why Opt for VPN Protection?

Choosing to use a VPN for privacy reasons comes with a host of benefits:

  • Enhanced Privacy: Keeps your browsing habits and personal information confidential.
  • Reduced Ad Targeting: Limits the amount of personalized ads by disrupting advertisers’ tracking mechanisms.
  • Increased Security: Protects against data theft and cyber threats, especially on unsecured networks.

Potential Challenges

While VPNs offer substantial protection, users may encounter some issues:

  • Performance Impact: Encryption can slow down internet speeds.
  • Compatibility: Some websites may restrict access to VPN users.
  • Free VPN Limitations: Not all free VPNs provide the same level of privacy and security.

Why FineVPN Stands Out

FineVPN offers a reliable and free VPN service tailored for protecting personal data from advertisers. Our commitment to user privacy ensures that your online activities remain anonymous and secure. Unlike many free VPN services, FineVPN does not store logs or sell user data, making it the best choice for safeguarding against advertisers.

Setting Up FineVPN with Wireguard

To enhance your online privacy against advertisers using FineVPN, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download Wireguard: Install the Wireguard application on your device.
  2. Obtain FineVPN Configuration File: Sign up for FineVPN and download the configuration file for Wireguard.
  3. Import Configuration: Open Wireguard, import the FineVPN configuration file.
  4. Connect: With the configuration set, connect to FineVPN through Wireguard to start protecting your personal data from advertisers.

In conclusion, employing a VPN service like FineVPN can significantly enhance your online privacy, keeping advertisers at bay. By understanding the importance of data protection and utilizing FineVPN with Wireguard, users can enjoy a safer, more private browsing experience free from the intrusive eyes of digital advertisers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about VPN for Protecting personal data from advertisers

A VPN protects your personal data by encrypting your internet connection and masking your IP address. This prevents advertisers from tracking your online activities and collecting personal information for targeted advertising. By hiding your digital footprint, a VPN ensures your browsing habits and personal data remain private.

Advertisers use various tracking technologies such as cookies, pixel tags, and fingerprinting to monitor your online behavior. These methods allow them to gather detailed information about your preferences and activities on the internet, which is then used to target you with personalized advertisements.

While a VPN significantly reduces the ability of advertisers to track your online activities, it may not completely eliminate targeted ads. Advertisers can use other methods to gather data, but a VPN greatly limits the amount and accuracy of the data collected, thus reducing targeted advertising.

Encrypting your internet traffic with a VPN can sometimes impact your internet speed. However, the extent of this impact varies depending on the VPN service provider, the chosen server’s distance, and your internet service. FineVPN is optimized for speed and performance, minimizing any potential slowdowns.

Not all free VPNs offer the same level of privacy and security. Some may log your activities or offer inadequate encryption, compromising your personal data. FineVPN is committed to user privacy, does not store logs, and provides strong encryption, making it a safe choice for protecting your data from advertisers.

To set up FineVPN with Wireguard, first, download and install the Wireguard application on your device. Then, sign up for FineVPN and download the configuration file for Wireguard. Import this configuration file into the Wireguard application and connect. This setup will ensure your internet connection is encrypted and your personal data protected from advertisers.

If you encounter issues accessing websites while connected to a VPN, try switching to a different server or disabling any ad-blocking features that may be included with your VPN service. Some websites restrict access to VPN users, so adjusting these settings can help resolve access issues. FineVPN offers support to assist with any connectivity problems you may experience.

Get your VPN now and access blocked content, protect yourself from hackers and make your connection completely secure...